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Our Employees Say

Adam Starkey

“When asked why I love working for Kendall many things immediately come to mind. But first and foremost, I love that Kendall is so actively involved in the community. Whether it be Christmas for Kids, The March of Dimes, or Drive for Education Kendall is always out in the community giving back. I’m one of those lucky people who doesn’t feel like he has to cover up the company logo on his shirt when he leaves work!”

Adam Starkey • Eugene Toyota • Parts Manager

“I have worked for Kendall since 2010, I have been in the Automotive industry for over 25 years and have worked for several dealerships, but none come close to what I feel being part of the Kendall Family. Love , caring, trust, community, all play a big part in every great family and even my own, I feel at home and would not want to be any place else besides Kendall.”

Romel Holmes • Kendall Imports of Anchorage • Service Manager

“I began working for Kendall in 2002. Starting a career with Kendall was the best thing I could have ever hoped for. My first position was a Receptionist in one of our branches and then was offered an opportunity to be involved in developing a new department “Client Care”. I cannot tell you what a rewarding experience this has been. I have had the opportunity to learn, educate, travel, and most of all, experience being part of the Kendall Family. It doesn’t get better than that. I am truly blessed.”

Linda Rudy • Kendall Auto Group • CRM Administrator

“I started off as a detailer, then put 8 years in on the parts counter and finally settled in at the Collision Center. Kendall Auto Group has been a wonderful career choice for me as it has let me advance to the position I am in now as the Production Manager of a respected business in our community. I highly recommend working for Kendall for many reasons, but especially for their involvement in our community on many levels.”

Andy Hochnadel • Kendall Auto Group • Body Shop


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